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July 2014

  • IL Supreme Court Recently Amended Rules for Discovery in Illinois
    Posted: 7/31/2014
    The Illinois Supreme Court recently amended the rules for discovery in Illinois, effective July 1, 2014, to more specifically address production of documents and files that are stored electronically. Production of documents can now be requested in a specific format, to the extent it is not overly burdensome to do so, including things like metadata (the "hidden" data associated with most electronically stored files) which can reveal such things as when changes were made to the documents, etc. The courts can prevent abuse and overly burdensome production requests under the new rules as well.
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  • IL: Employee's Ability to Sue Employers outside of the Workers' Compensation Act
    Posted: 7/10/2014
    In a case of first impression, the Illinois Appellate Court, First District, 5th Division recently reversed a lower court case and allowed a plaintiff to bring an asbestos lawsuit suit against a former employer outside of the Workers' Compensation Act and Workers' Occupational Diseases Act, due to the court's finding a time-barred suit "not compensable under the Act" and an exception to the Acts' exclusive remedy provisions. Folta v. Ferro Engineering, No. 1-12-3219, 2014 IL App (1st) 123219, at *1 (5th Div. Jun. 27, 2014).
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