Sheryl E. Healy 1950-2014


The world lost a wonderful person in December 2014 when our co-worker Sherry Healy passed away at age 64 after courageously battling myriad health problems over the last several years. The news hit all of your friends like a bat to the soul and a crowbar to the heart. We just took for granted that your indefatigable will to live would see you through the darkest forest. It's still so hard to grasp. You could have fun at a soap testing convention; your zest for life was that strong. You could tell stories that would captivate a diverse audience. Your garrulous laughter, imitated by many, could never be duplicated. Nor could your charisma.

Most of all, you served as the calm amid the storm for so many people. There are no words to properly thank you for being our  friend. We simply lack a sufficient grasp of the English language to pay you the tribute you deserve. But everyone who knew you will take with them the amazing lessons you taught about forgiveness, modesty, spirituality and tolerance. You were a beautiful person, Sherry, and we know we are not alone in saying that we will always remember and never stop loving you."