Major Claims - Complex Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide variety of high stakes litigation matters involving clients from as large as Fortune 500 companies to small Mom & Pop businesses. We provide our clients cost-efficient quality representation backed by our legal expertise, technical background, practical experience, litigation and trial skills and case management abilities. Our attorneys have been selected to act as national coordinating counsel and trial counsel for various companies in asbestos litigation pending across the U.S. Our clients have selected Gunty & McCarthy to represent them in litigation that usually involves substantial damages, that in many situations threatens the commercial viability of the corporation/company.

We have handled major claims in the areas of catastrophic injury including railroad/vehicular accident cases, construction/oil refinery accident cases, caustic chemical spill litigation as well as heavy construction equipment and sports equipment injuries. We also handle numerous types of toxic exposure cases in all different areas of litigation including matters involving disinfectants, mold, asbestos, silica, lead paint, solvents, latex gloves, medical devices and AIDS litigation. Bodily injury claims have involved severe caustic chemical burns, coal workers pneumoconiosis cases, neurological and immune system injuries, allergic reactions, asbestos related disease and other malignancies. We also handle property damage claims and insurance coverage litigation matters.